Let’s Accelerate your product together

Program dates

Oct 30, 2023

Dec 13, 2023

Application deadline

Oct 23, 2023

Application Closed

What is Text Accelerated?

Text Accelerated is an acceleration program for product teams working with text and customer support.

What does Text Accelerated involve?

This intensive 6-week program is centered on your product's growth. You’ll engage with customers on Monday to understand their problems and needs, and showcase your weekly progress on Friday. You’ll also get access to professional tools, knowledge, mentors, and support community.

What happens when my product is ready?

Once your product is done, we’ll promote and distribute it among 40k of Text customers. Our team will collaborate with each participant individually to develop a tailored distribution strategy.

We’ll be cooperating with teams working on:


Emotion and sentiment analysis

Customer service personalized

Language detection

Text mining

Text generation

Website widgets


Auto description


Text clustering

Text analysis

We build future of communication

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What’s in it for you?


Real customers

Text Accelerated is a customer-oriented program where you’ll connect with real Text customers starting from day one. This gives you a chance to understand the needs of your product’s prospect users and teach you how to work closely with customer feedback.

Expert mentorship

Text Accelerated empowers you to focus on your project with a structured program. You’ll get 10 expert mentorship sessions with industry-leading mentors. We want you to embrace innovation and risk-taking through learning opportunities.

Product launch

Participating in this program gives you a unique opportunity to present your product to our 40k customer base. Together with you, we’ll work on a custom distribution and promotion plan to increase your product and brand visibility.

Program dates

Oct 30, 2023

Dec 13, 2023

Application deadline

Oct 23, 2023

Application Closed
Apply now

You should apply if…

  • You already have a product or MVP and you’re ready to create a version or an integration of it
  • You’re working in the area of text intelligence and/or automated customer support
  • You’re excited about working with us and, most importantly, directly with the customers
  • You’re ready to have the most productive six weeks of your life!

How it works

Embark on an ambitious learning experience during our 6-week program. Gain direct insights into customers' needs, connect with other participants, and progress on your product journey.

Set your goal

In just 6 weeks, we’ll help you to get your product/MVP on the right growth path, and work together to launch it on our Marketplace.

Weekly customer sessions

On Monday each week, we’ll meet on a customer session. You’ll be able to talk with customers, explore their pain points and challenges, and pinpoint their exact needs.

Customer distribution strategy

We’ll work together on an individual distribution strategy to promote your solution among our impressive base of 40k customers — all to set up your product for success.

Weekly demo day

Each Friday, you'll share your progress and achievements with us, other participants, and customers. This will help you to ensure you're on the right development path.

Know your possibilities
Own your possibilities

We already accelerated some
meaningful products

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About Text|

We’re pioneers in the field of online text communication. After more than 20 years on the market, we wish to share our experience and help others accelerate to success.

Text| provides communication tools based on the power of text and technology. Our products aim to change the regular ways of customer service by analyzing, enriching, and automating the way we communicate online.

124mchats monthly
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The quickest way to chat with your online customers.

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A simple ticketing system for teams of any size, yours too.

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Knowledge base software for lightning-fast customer support and effortless self-service.

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An all-in-one platform to build and launch conversational chatbots without coding.

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Simple yet powerful tool that helps you build consistent customer journeys.


Text Incubator’s partnership has been transformative, offering a new acquisition channel and free access to their Developer Program and API. This has allowed us to save on costs and scale our app effectively, all while growing our brand.

Łukasz Wojciechowski picture

Łukasz Wojciechowski

Entrepreneur & Freelance Developer at 99bits

We’ve been working with LiveChat’s product designers to gather the most relevant guidance on the best way to build the app’s interface. Also, with their Marketplace, LiveChat created a strong marketing and sales program enabling a new acquisition channel for us.

Arnaud Pigueller picture

Arnaud Pigueller

CEO, SnapCall

snapcall logo

Numbers speak for themselves — after five years since the product launch, we have over 2600 customers and the number is continuously growing. They bring almost $300,000 in monthly recurring revenue (MRR), and the average revenue per user (ARPU) reached $110.5 at the end of September 2022.

Darek Zabrzeński picture

Darek Zabrzeński

Head of ChatBot

chatbot logo

I’m so grateful and humbled to have been a part of the Text Accelerated program. The professionals and advice we had access to championed me and my startup with invaluable steps forward on our journey. I’d recommend Text Accelerated for dedicated founders striving for continuous learning and growth.

Eddie Hepburn picture

Eddie Hepburn


Being part of the Text Accelerated Program has been an amazing opportunity and journey for me. I learned a lot about building a quality product and the best way to bring it to market. The quality of the weekly sessions and the engagement there expanded my horizons on what is possible to achieve. What makes this program even better is that the team at Text is incredibly helpful, supportive, and friendly. I feel like I made lifelong connections, and I can’t wait for the next chapter of my product.

Gareth van Zyl picture

Gareth van Zyl


One of the main challenges startups face is adapting the product to the market's real needs. Thanks to Text Accelerated, I had a unique opportunity to immerse myself in the world of chat customer service through direct conversations with the LiveChat team. Our weekly workshops broadened my perspective and allowed me to focus on creating a product based on real value for the user. If you want to accelerate your startup's growth, Text Accelerated is the place to be.

Piotr Kalinowski picture

Piotr Kalinowski



Do I need to have a team to apply?

No, you don’t need to have a team to apply. We accept applications from individuals.

How do you choose who will be invited?

We have an admission process open to anyone, anywhere in the world. You can apply here. We’re inviting chosen teams to interview online and then decide. The video interviews are held on a rolling basis from September to October.

Does it cost money to participate?

No, our accelerator program is entirely free.

Where does the Text Accelerated program happen?

The program is happening remotely. It features weekly meetings with customers (Monday, 2 pm CEST) and weekly demos (Friday, 2 pm CEST).

What can I expect from the weekly meetings with customers in the Text Accelerated program?

We’d like our makers to start working with customers as quickly as possible. Starting from day one - we’re planning to have weekly customer sessions. We will meet with different customers from text.com each week and discuss their challenges, needs, and working methods. Each team could ask questions regarding their solution; remember to do this without suggesting anything to the customer (we’ll have a quick workshop on customer interviews first). Designed to provide comprehensive insights, these meetings equip you with the knowledge to boost your project’s success.

What is the time commitment?

We have two main activities each week - customer meetings on Monday and demo on Fridays - they will last up to an hour and a half each. So that’s three hours weekly. Then there are mentoring sessions (optional). The program aims to give you support and space as we expect you will focus on creating your solution. We’re looking for teams that will treat this time as the most productive one for them and deliver product increments each week.

What happens at the end?

The program ends with a demo day. We’re inviting our partners and customers to this meeting so you can present your product to a broader audience. Besides the demo day, makers should have a refined product ready to launch for the customers. Then we’re starting distribution among text.com channels.

Do you invest in the projects at the end of the program?

We do not invest any money.

I'm actively fundraising or taking part in another program. Can I still apply?

It depends on whether you will have time. We expect teams to be fully engaged and deliver every week.